Tirewiz & BizWiz

Integrated Multi-User General Business Systems
by United Software & Design

Compatiblity:  Windows XP to Windows 10/32
Latest Tirewiz ( v.40 ) and BizWiz ( v.40 ) systems are available.

Once upon a time, in the golden, good old days of the Radioshack TRS 80's, I designed & coded: Tirewiz ( for Tire Dealers ) + her twin sister BizWiz ( for everyone else ). The classic 'Wiz sisters were likely among the the very 1st of the heavy duty software systems for those early PC's. Still in heavy use and loved today. These two systems may well be the earliest, largest, longest-lived of all such systems. Both are written/coded in GWBASIC ( except for a few VISUAL BASIC screens ). All BAS, BAT, EXE, Quickbasic runtime modules and tool box programs (utility/data/fixup/repair modules) are included in links below.

* * * Tirewiz operational and installation manual. Click here

* * * Free & copywrite free source code for Tirewiz.
         Coding support/tutoring available. Click here

* * * Tirewiz batch files. Click here

* * * Tirewiz utilities. Quickbasic runtime modules & compiling/linking
         modules Click here        

* * * Misc.Tirewiz files Click here        

All above download files need to be put into a c:\tw folder on your machine to explore Tirewiz. This system with source code is great for learning and development of new applications. My source code is royalty free. Enjoy/use/modify/sell it.

For more information please email Len below.

Tirewiz main menu image

More Tirewiz menu images Click here        
For free interative demo or more information please email: Len@TheresaVaughn.com
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