Tirewiz & Bizwiz v.40
By Leonard Schneider, United Software and Design Inc. Established 1980

Tirewiz is the integrated computer system software for Tire dealers. Bizwiz is the integrated computer system software for everyone else. Tirewiz was the pioneer of PC computerization for Tire dealers.
Dunlop Tire was one of our earliest clients.
* Tirewiz has long been the gold standard in Tire dealer software & support.
Please download the Tirewiz v.40 operational demo
installer file saving it to your Desktop: Click here

After you download the demo an icon called "InstallTwDemo" will be seen on your Desktop. Click on this icon to automatically install and run the demo. The Tirewiz demo automatically creates a folder called TwDemo. The demo will run in that folder. A second icon called "RunTwDemo" will now appear on your Desktop. This icon will let you rapidly re-run the Tirewiz demo at any time. The Tirewiz demo is essentially equal to the real Tirewiz system except that it limits the number of transactions to a low demo level. This demo can be re-installed using the "InstallTwDemo" icon as often as needed if the demo limits are exceeded.

Tirewiz & Bizwiz are compatible with Windows 7/32 bit, XP and other Windows versions in XP virtual mode.

A few of the very many Tirewiz screen images
( always easy on the eyes )

    Main Menu

    Receipts Journal

    Inventory screen

Email contact: For more Tirewiz information or Bizwiz download, email to Len: usd777@roadrunner.com
Len's book page: Len's book page"